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Combat is a very important aspect of Minecraft, whether it's defeating the ender dragon, killing creepers for gunpowder, or trying to win a PvP match. This page lists the best ways to kill each hostile or neutral mob in the game, as well as many combat strategies.

Basic Enemies

Zombies are one of the easiest mobs to kill, as they use only melee attacks and burn in sunlight unless they are wearing helmets or carved pumpkins‌[Java Edition only] on their heads or are in water. However, they have an extended reach and a small amount of natural armor (2 armor points), and it is easy to land a hit on them in melee combat without taking damage. Also, they spawn in large numbers and when they do so, they could overcome players. Zombies are not fast (except for baby zombies, which sprint, are small and hard to hit.), and are merely a nuisance, especially when mining underground. When surrounded by multiple mobs, cut down the zombies first to escape. The player can also use a bow to shoot the zombies, but as they spawn in large numbers, it will be difficult to kill all of them. If possible, lure them out into sunlight so that they burn. They drop rotten flesh, which is useful if players (or a wolf) are low on food or far from a permanent food source. It should be noted that zombies can break down wooden doors on Hard difficulty and in Hardcore mode, so be cautious when trying to defend themselves by placing blocks. If they play on Hard or Hardcore mode, protect their house with an iron door. Zombies also attack villagers and can be seen trying to break doors. Using weapons with the smite enchantment can take down many armored zombies easily as they are undead. They can spawn with armor, with pumpkins on their heads, and iron tools such as swords and shovels. Beware when the player finds a zombie holding an enchanted iron sword as it deals more damage. Zombies are also very weak when trapped. A way to lure them is to use a villager trap. On hard difficulty, zombies can spawn other zombies when players hit them, and will transform into drowned when underwater for a long enough time.


Skeletons are difficult to slay in melee combat, unless the player has the correct tactics. They fire arrows as players approach, making them hard to kill; although if they get close enough, it is possible to hit them, block, and repeat until the player kills them. Another way players can attack is by circling around them and while doing so, approach and hit them. Keep on circling and hitting it until it dies. They burn in sunlight like zombies unless they are wearing any type of helmet or pumpkins‌[Java Edition only] on their heads. Never use sprint hits on skeletons unless they are near a hazard, as knocking them back will give them a free shot at the player before they can approach. However, players can jump-sprint so that there is a chance that the skeleton will shoot over or under them. It is suggested that the player have at least 12 armor points (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg) when doing this, so players can take some damage. Do not do this if the skeleton is on a hill, as they might crash against a wall, giving the skeleton a free shot at them. Skeletons can hide behind corners in caverns and ambush the player, so ensure to light the entire tunnel before exploring further when underground. One can make short work of a skeleton by shooting it while outside its search range. If detected, charge the bow shortly after dodging a skeleton's arrow to prevent being shot while under the slowing effects of a charging bow. If the player is low on health and arrows, wait until day so that they burn up. If inside a cave, wait for the player's health to regenerate completely and try again. In nether fortresses, they spawn 20% of the time in place of a wither skeleton. They can wear armor and pumpkins like zombies, but will not pick up items or blocks. When fighting skeletons and players run behind a wall, don't try to rush out and attack them (unless the player don't mind taking some damage). What the player should do is wait behind the corner with the shield on block and when the skeleton hits the player, retaliate before it can launch another attack. Skeletons are very accurate and running out will almost always result in a hit, as does trying to wait around the corner and attacking the edge of the skeleton. By blocking with a shield, players will negate damage taken, and the arrow bounces off the shield, which can be used to their advantage. Another easy way to kill skeletons is by pushing them into water since they sink. In Bedrock Edition, when underwater, skeletons stop using ranged attacks and switch to melee attacks, which gives the player a higher chance to kill the skeleton. Wolves naturally hunt skeletons so taigas are slightly safer from encountering skeletons. Skeletons sometimes spawn wearing armor and equipped with an enchanted bow making them more hazardous as they are harder to take down. As with all undead mobs, using weapons enchanted with smite can be very useful against skeletons.


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Spiders can be a nuisance if handled incorrectly. They are one of the monsters that are 1 block high, and as such they will be able to sneak into player's house if a hole is sufficiently large for them. However, spiders are also 2 blocks wide, so a 1×1 hole will not let them pass. Spiders have a special feature in which they can climb blocks. If players hear spider noises but can't see one, usually they are on top of your house. In the daytime, spiders will become neutral — they will only attack players if they attack them (but if they were hostile towards players during the night, they will still stay hostile. Also, even in their neutral state, if players try to sleep in a bed the usual "You can't sleep there are monsters nearby" message appears. However, they can ambush players in the daytime if players exit their house when one is on their roof, attacking their back as they walk away from their house. Spiders have a jump attack, and so it is best to swing a sword while walking backwards to avoid most damage. During the day, they can be killed by lava or flint and steel without becoming hostile to the player. On Survival a spider becomes neutral towards you if the light level around you is around 12. One can also kill spiders by pillar jumping, creating a ledge around the pillar, bombing the spiders with snowballs, and watching them climb and fall.